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The Professions

The panel on Fair Access to the Professions published its final report "Unleashing Aspiration". A driving force behind the report was social mobility. The final report was widened to include changes at school age that would widen access to the professions and "top jobs".

Access to the professions also takes in flexible routes to enter the professions, internships, the way in which the government collaborates with the professions and much more.

Kristina Ingate provides a factual summary of the Fair Access to the professions report, with an emphasis on covering what is expected of the professions. Since this summary was produced government, education and the professions have undertaken a variety of steps to take forward aspects of the recommendations.

Areas identified by the report as enabling access to the professions include:

  • more internship opportunities advertised more widely and with a good practice code
  • professionals getting involved in schools based mentoring schemes to raise aspirations
  • good recruitment practice which selects talented people on all the skillsand aptitudes needed by professionals, not just qualifications
  • flexible routes into the professions
  • better information about routes into the professions on a new web portal funded jointly by the professions and government

These proposals are seen as part of a major new drive to increase social mobility. Detailed recommendations are linked to other programmes direected at improving schools, careers advice, mentoring and work experience.

The professions are very varied and include those in


-accountancy and business, including management consultancy

-the health sector

-the public sector

-construction and engineering