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Ingate Interim and Consulting

governance expertise and organisational solutions

Our perspective

Our experience covers a wide range of

corporate and operations management situations in regulated sectors including:

  • financial services (insurance);

  • infrastructure, the transition of the Highways Agency into Highways England, a government company responsible for the country's motorways and main trunk roads;

  • housing, including in the context of turnarounds,

  • group restructures and acquisitions and bond issues;
  • implementation of an international group company structure for a social enterprise;

  • organisation-wide transition and implementation in the education sector and professional bodies, including the reorganisation of schools and colleges, the start up of a local education authority. 

Our reputation is built on having an eye for the big picture and achieving corporate change; and an ability to balance project attention to detail with insight into business strategy, organisational development and culture.

Our communications expertise includes negotiation, stakeholder communication and meetings held in public.

Our organisational experience includes: international: group company structures; federal, and membership based organisations; cross-disciplinary and virtual teams; staff and unpaid members.